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TeenLink Program Application

  1. TeenLink Program Application
    The Village's TeenLink Program provides residents with names of teens willing to do various tasks – such as yard mowing, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and snow shoveling. Teenagers are needed year-round, but especially during heavy snowfalls. Skokie residents often request assistance during harsh winters for snow shoveling and for lawn care in the summer. By providing your contact information to the TeenLink list, Skokie residents can be provided with a complete list of available teens in their area. The resident is responsible for contacting the TeenLink teenager and for making financial/scheduling arrangements. The TeenLink teenager is responsible for completing the task or notifying the resident if they are unable to complete the work. The Village TeenLink Program has been connecting residents with Skokie teenagers for over 25 years. Many communities have implemented similar programs. The success of the Skokie TeenLink Program is a testament to our community's spirit.
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  3. Participants must renew their application annually.
  4. Lawn Care:
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  5. Do you own a lawnmower?
  6. If a Skokie resident can provide you with a lawnmower would you be comfortable using it?
  7. Availability:
    Please specify times (from _____ to ______).
  8. Snow Shoveling:
  9. Do you own a snow blower?
  10. If a Skokie resident could provide a snow blower would you feel comfortable using it?
  11. Availability:
    Please specify times (from ____ to ____).
  12. Please check one:
  13. ($ amount per hour)
  14. Please upload a document with the signatures of the applicant and their legal guardians (if applicant is under 18) which states "I hereby agree I will indemnify and hold the Village harmless of and from any and all claims that may be made by any person or organization for personal injury or property as a result of participation in the TeenLink Program. "
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