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Cottage Food Industry Registration Application

  1. Application for Cottage Food Industry Registration
    A cottage food operation allows for food that is not potentially hazardous such as baked goods, jams, jelly, preserves, fruit butter, dry herbs, dry herb blends or dry tea blends to be produced in the kitchen of a person’s primary domestic residence for direct sale to customers at a farmer’s market. Cottage food operation products cannot be sold to retail stores, restaurants, over the internet, by mail order, or to wholesale, brokers or other food distributors who resell food. Farmer’s market is defined as “common facility or areas where farmers gather to sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and other locally produced farm and food products, directly to consumers”.
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  7. Products:
    (Please indicate the items you will be making and selling)
  8. Herbs (select all that apply):
  9. Jam/Jelly/Preserves/Fruit Pie (select all that apply):
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  11. Include a sample label with application. Label must meet the below requirements.
  12. -The name and address of the cottage food operation
  13. -The common or usual name of the food product
  14. -All ingredients including colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, listed in decreasing order or prominence by weight
  15. -Statement: “The product was produced in a home kitchen and not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens.”
  16. -The date the product was processed
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