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1. How do I get help?
2. Who is eligible to receive home-delivered meals?
3. What type of specialized transportation does Skokie have for seniors?
4. Can I receive ongoing therapy from the Human Services Division?
5. Are there volunteer opportunities available through the Human Services Division?
6. My aging parent lives in Skokie. What services are available to them? Can I make the arrangements for them?
7. My teenager is very rebellious and I'm afraid he or she might end up in serious trouble. Can I turn to the Village for help?
8. My next door neighbor and I are fighting about a neighborhood problem and things are very tense between us. Can the Village help?
9. I am concerned about an elderly neighbor or my senior friend who lives in Skokie. Is there someone at Human Services who could make sure they are safe in their home?
10. I have a question, comment, or want to tell someone about my experience with Human Services. Who should I talk to?