What is National Arts and Humanities Month?

Organized by Americans for The Arts, October is National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM)—a collective recognition of the importance of culture in America. NAHM was launched by Americans for the Arts more than 30 years ago as National Arts Week in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities. In 1993, it was reestablished by Americans for the Arts and national arts partners as a month-long celebration, with goals of:  FOCUSING on equitable access to the arts at local, state, and national levels; ENCOURAGING individuals, organizations, and diverse communities to participate in the arts; ALLOWING governments and businesses to show their support of the arts; and RAISING public awareness about the positive impact of the arts and humanities in our communities and lives.

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1. What is Skokie Arts and Humanities Month?
2. What is National Arts and Humanities Month?
3. What types of businesses and organizations may participate?
4. My organization is based outside of Skokie but will be hosting an event in Skokie in October. Is my organization eligible to participate?
5. I am an individual artist. How can I participate?
6. What types of events are eligible for Skokie Arts and Humanities Month?
7. My organization is located in Skokie, but I am having an event in a nearby city. Will it be included in the calendar?
8. Will the Skokie Fine Arts Commission be assisting with events?
9. Can my organization submit a ticketed event?
10. Does my organization need to create an event specifically for Skokie Arts and Humanities Month?
11. Is there a fee associated with registration?
12. Where can I apply to have my organization/event included?
13. I submitted my application. How will I know if my event has been accepted?
14. How will community members find my event?
15. How will the Village be publicizing my event?
16. What if I need to cancel or remove an event from the calendar?