2020 Census

skokie_census_2020_v2a - thank you

We would like to thank everyone that helped Skokie have such a terrific response to the 2020 Census!  It was because of all the Village Staff, 7 public school districts, Skokie Public Library, Niles Township Food Pantry, Niles Township Government, Skokie Park District, Skokie Boards and Commissions members, social and ethnic organizations, religious groups, private schools, and especially Skokie neighbors, working together to get the word out that EVERYONE IN SKOKIE COUNTS that Skokie increased our 2020 Census self-response rate from 73.7% in 2010 to 81.1% in 2020!!!!  We improved more than every town on the North Shore.  WOW!

Census Change 2010-2020

The Census Bureau is now working very hard to get the state populations and Congressional reapportionment numbers as required by the Constitution to the President and Congress by December 31.  We should get out official Skokie population early next spring.

Plus 10 from 2010
Plus 10 from 2010
2020 Census Map