8000 North Project Updates

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Construction of 8000 North Concrete Panels Complete


8000 North Panel 48000 North Panel 1 

A significant milestone has been reached as the exterior "skin" of the concrete panels for the residential tower for 8000 North have been completed.  To showcase the panels, a sample was staged on the construction site on July 15th.  Everyone is encouraged to visit the site along the Oakton Street frontage to see the panels as well as the significant foundation work completed in Phase 1 of the project.  Each panel is numbered and will be delivered from the manufacturing facility in Wisconsin to the site in the proper sequence as the superstructure is developed.  

Oakton Street Lane Closures Begin June 24


Beginning on Monday, June 24, crane assembly operations for the 8000 North Development will begin on Oakton Street, and lanes will be closed as needed to ensure the safety of both motorists and construction workers. Weather permitting, lane closures are expected to be in place through Friday, June 28, 2019.

Westbound traffic will be shifted south onto Oakton street turn lanes and traffic will be limited to one lane for westbound direction. Eastbound two through lanes will remain open. During this time, please consider taking an alternate route if possible. For more information, please contact the Engineering Division at 847/933-8231.

8000 North Update - June 24, 2019


Phase I of the 8000 North Development, which began in fall 2018, was recently completed. This development and construction phase included the installation of nearly 100 caissons at approximately 60 to 70 feet in depth, grade beams for all foundation work, stormwater storage tanks and the sanitary sewer connections. With all of the Phase I work now complete, the project awaits additional governmental approvals before commencing Phase II which will include vertical construction of both the residential building and the garage structure. This phase of construction is anticipated to begin in early July with building occupancies expected to begin in late-2020.