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Forms, Permits & Applications

  1. Accessory Structure Permit Application - Fence, Sidewalk, Shed, Driveway and Detatched Garage (PDF)
  2. Alarm Permits - False Alarm Program Brochure (PDF)
  3. Alarm Permits - Fire Alarm Permit Registration Form (PDF)
  4. Alarm Permits - Security Alarm Permit Registration Form (PDF)
  5. Alley Light Program (PDF)
  6. Amusement, Food Vending, and Mobile Food License Application (PDF)
  7. Appearance Commission Application & Schedule (PDF)
  8. Application for Contractor Registration (PDF)
  9. Automatic Bank Payment Authorization Form (PDF)
  10. Birth Certificate Record (PDF)
  11. Block Party Application
  12. Block Party of the Year Award Guidelines (PDF)
  13. Board/Commission Application (PDF)
  14. Building Codes Adopted by the Village of Skokie (PDF)
  15. Building or Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF)
  16. CDBG PY20 Application - Skokie
  17. Certificate of Occupancy Application (PDF)
  18. Change of Contractor Form (PDF)
  19. Citizens Fire Academy Application (PDF)
  20. ComEd Claim Form (PDF)
  21. Compost Bin Reimbursement Form (PDF)
  22. Community Events Sign Application (PDF)
  23. Condominium Conversion Application (PDF)
  24. Contractor Registration Form (PDF)
  25. Contractor Information Form (PDF)
  26. Cottage Food Application (PDF)
  27. Death Certificate Record (PDF)
  28. Design Guidelines for Mixed-Use Districts (PDF)
  29. Downtown Furnishings Request Form (PDF)
  30. Electrical Work Permit Application (PDF)
  31. Family Emergency Communications Plan (PDF)
  32. Film Permit (PDF)
  33. Food - Handwashing Poster (PDF)
  34. Food - Manual Washing and Sanitation (PDF)
  35. Food - Service Construction Requirements (PDF)
  36. Food - Service Permit Application (PDF)
  37. Food - Temperature Chart (PDF)
  38. Food - Temporary Food Permit Requirements (PDF)
  39. Food - Temporary Food Service Application (PDF)
  40. Food and Beverage Tax Form (PDF)
  41. Freedom of Information Act Request (PDF)
  42. Garage Sale Permits (PDF)
  43. Home Improvement Program Application (PDF)
  44. Hotel Motel Tax Return (PDF)
  45. Landlord Training Seminar Application (PDF)
  46. Lawn Sprinkler Application (PDF)
  47. Local Fuel Tax Form for Web 1 1 (PDF)
  48. Local Fuel Tax Form for Web 1 1-adjusted (PDF)
  49. O'Hare Flight Pattern (PDF)
  50. Outdoor Dining Permit Application (PDF)
  51. Parking Determination Petition (PDF)
  52. Plan Review Application Writable (PDF)
  53. Plat Guidelines (PDF)
  54. Preliminary Plan Review - Application Form (PDF)
  55. Preliminary Plan Review - Checklist for Development Design and Complete Streets Policy Implementation (PDF)
  56. Property Beautification Award Nomination Form
  57. Public Way Obstruction or Use Permit Application (PDF)
  58. Real Estate Transfer Form (PDF)
  59. Rental Unit On-Sale Inspection Application (PDF)
  60. Rental Unit Registration Application (PDF)
  61. Request for Final Inspection Form (PDF)
  62. Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program Form (PDF)
  63. Sales and Use Tax Table (PDF)
  64. Signs - Downtown Area Sign Guidelines for CX Core Mixed-Use Zoning District (PDF)
  65. Signs - Permit Application (PDF)
  66. Site Plan Approval Petition Form (PDF)
  67. Skokie-Hotel Motel Tax Form (PDF)
  68. Solar Panel Requirements (PDF)
  69. Solar Permit Application and Checklist (PDF)
  70. Solicitation - Charitable Application (PDF)
  71. Solicitation - Charitable Brochure (PDF)
  72. Solicitation - Commercial Application (PDF)
  73. Solicitation - Commercial Brochure (PDF)
  74. Solicitation - Religious Application (PDF)
  75. Special Events Application (PDF)
  76. Special Use Permit Petition Form (PDF)
  77. Subdivision/Dedication Petition Form (PDF)
  78. Subdivision/Dedication Petition Form - Simple (PDF)
  79. Teen Link Program (PDF)
  80. TeenLink Application (PDF)
  81. Temporary Disability Placard Application (PDF)
  82. Transient Merchant License (PDF)
  83. Vacation of a Public Street or Alley Petition Form (PDF)
  84. Variation Application (PDF)
  85. Wireless Alarm Application (PDF)
  86. Wireless Alarm Contract (PDF)
  87. Zoning Chapter Amendment Petition Form (PDF)
  88. Zoning Information Worksheet (PDF)
  89. Zoning Map Amendment Petition Form (PDF)
  90. Zoning Verification Letter Application (PDF)