Village Code

The Village Code details ordinances that govern all aspects of Village operations. It includes sections that establish each of the elected offices, the managerial form of government and the Village's administrative departments. Fees for all Village
licenses, services and permits are set by the Village Code.

Village Code & Resources
Water & Health Services

Chapters in the Village Code establish policies for water and health services. The Code also defines nuisances and contains provisions for pet and animal control issues. Further, it sets garbage and refuse service regulations, as well as those for establishing and maintaining food service operations in the Village.


Other components of the Village Code include establishing the numerous codes administered by the Village's Community Development Department. These include adopting the International Building Code, 2012 edition, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., as the Building Code for the Village.

The Village Code further defines the single family, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, housing and fire prevention codes. It also contains a Fair Housing section.


The Village Code regulates commercial activities, amusements and charitable solicitations in the community. Other chapters regulate the operations of taxicabs, other motor-driven vehicles and bicycles. Standards for weights and measures are defined in the Village Code.

Regulations regarding fireworks and other potential offenses against public peace, safety and morals can also be found in the Village Code. Parameters for parades and other public assemblies in Skokie are established as well.

Additional Information

Please call the office of Village Clerk Pramod Shah at 847-933-8480 with specific questions about the Village of Skokie Code of Ordinances. The Village Code can be reviewed at the Village Clerk's Office during normal business hours. For questions about the Zoning Code, please contact the Zoning Administrator at 847-933-8223.