Hearings for Vehicle & Parking Violations

The Village of Skokie began the Administrative Hearing Program for parking violations during June 2008. This program allows the Village to hold a hearing on any parking tickets issued by a police officer or parking enforcement officer that the registered owner wishes to contest.


The Administrative Hearing seeks to streamline the process and increase compliance with parking regulations. Individuals who want to contest the violation appear at an Administrative Hearing at Village Hall located at:

Village Hall
5127 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60077

Prior to the implementation of the Administrative Hearing, individuals contested tickets at the Cook County Court House. A few examples of parking violations are a vehicle without a valid Village vehicle sticker, parking in Skokie Swift parking lot without depositing the fee, parking in a designated fire lane or handicapped space, etc.

The administrative process is intended to be more convenient and friendly for citizens, including not needing an attorney. The Administrative Hearing is less formal than a court proceeding. After the person who received the ticket presents their case, the administrative hearing officer makes a ruling of whether the person is liable or not.

Administrative Hearing for Vehicle and Parking Violations

  • 9 a.m.
  • Second and fourth Wednesday of each month
  • Skokie Village Hall
    Council Chambers
    5127 Oakton Street
    Skokie, IL 60077
  • Contact
    Carmina Selgado

Vehicle & Parking Violation Tickets

All tickets issued subject to the Administrative Hearing process are numbered beginning with a "P" in the upper right hand corner of the ticket and have a violation date of May 7, 2008 or later.  The Administrative Hearing process only applies to tickets meeting both of these criteria.  Be see the example ticket below. 
Image of a blank parking or vehicle ticket

Additional Information

To learn more about vehicle and parking violation tickets, please visit on one of the following pages:
  1. Carmina Salgado

    Traffic Compliance Administrator