Neighbor Mediation Program

The Village of Skokie recognizes that sometimes residents need help to settle disputes between neighbors. The Village partners with the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) and the Center for Conflict Resolution to help mediate disputes. This program is available to all Skokie residents.

Serious Problems

Neighbors experiencing ongoing, serious conflicts should contact the Village of Skokie Human Services Division at 847-933-8208. Trained staff will work toward having all parties involved agree to mediation. Village staff then contacts the NWMC, and all parties are notified of a pending mediation date and time. Mediation is scheduled at the convenience of those involved and is usually held at Skokie Village Hall.


During the mediation session or sessions the parties meet together with a trained mediator and, if possible, write a contract outlining their problem and their proposed solution. Both parties sign the contract and keep a copy. While this document is not a legal, binding contract, it does supply methods for working out problems.


The Neighbor Dispute Program has been in place for nearly 10 years and the process has helped many Skokie residents resolve difficult neighbor issues.