Inspection Upon Sale

Village Transfer Stamps will not be issued by the Village Clerk's Office for the sale of any multi-unit rental building or single family house, duplex or townhouse used as a residential rental unit until an inspection is performed by the Building & Inspection Services Division and any and all identified code violations have been corrected.  Rental units in a condominium building with more than four units are exempt from this requirement.

Inspection Report

Requests for upon sale inspections must be made at least 28 days in advance of the closing.  An Upon Sale inspection report from the Village must be dated no more than 180 days prior to the date of closing and no later than the day of the closing.  Inspection areas will include exterior building and property areas, common interior building areas and all dwelling units.  Applications for the Upon Sale Inspection Program Application (PDF) and an inspection check list can be obtained from Village Hall at the Clerk's Office, the Property Standards Division, and on the Village's website along with Residential Rental Unit Inspection Upon Sale Program (PDF).

If violations are observed during the inspection the current owner (seller) has the option of either correcting the violations and scheduling a compliance inspection or the violations can be transferred to the new owner (buyer) and they will become responsible for correcting the violations and the compliance inspection.  If the buyer will be responsible for correcting the violations we will require an executed transfer of ownership form be submitted to the inspector and/or Clerk's office prior to stamps being issued.