Image of front of train station, with bikes in a bike rack and sign with text Oakton Station

Accessibility to transportation is a key advantage for Skokie residents. The Edens Expressway (I-94) spans Skokie's western edge, while Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and PACE suburban bus lines and the CTA's Skokie Swift Yellow rail line offer numerous options for public transportation.

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Skokie Swift

The Skokie Swift - Yellow Line - is part of the CTA's rapid transit system. The route runs from Dempster Street in Skokie to the Howard Street Terminal in Chicago with one stop at Oakton Street in Downtown Skokie. At Howard Street, Yellow Line passengers can transfer to the Purple or Red Lines of the CTA. Service is provided daily, about every 10-12 minutes. For information on the Skokie Swift Station, or for complete service information and boarding times, please click here. To watch the Skokie Swift Relocation video, please click here.

Dempster-Skokie Station Parking

The Dempster-Skokie CTA Station offers digital payment terminals. The payment terminals are located inside the train station and accept coins, paper bills and credit/debit card payments.

Two commuter parking lots are available for this station:

  1. Skokie Swift South Lot is adjacent to the Skokie Swift Station. The fee is $3 per day payable at the Station. Payment can be made with cash, credit or debit cards.
  2. Skokie Swift North Lot is across Dempster Street north of the Skokie Swift Station. The fee is $2 per day payable at the Swift Station. Payment can be made with cash, credit or debit cards. A limited number of spaces are available for a monthly permit fee of $40 and applications are required.

The payment terminals at the train station cannot accommodate multi-day payments. All receipts issued at the station are valid for a 24-hour period from time of payment. Receipts do not need to be displayed, they are for your record only. To pay for multiple consecutive days of parking, you will need to provide a credit or debit card number, a parking space number and Passport Parking Zone Number (Dempster-Skokie Zone Number is 337), and either:

  • Pay Online
  • Use the Passport Parking application (available at Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Call 847-380-4332 to make a payment by phone

Please note that a convenience fee is added for each mobile or app transaction.

Oakton-Skokie Station

No vehicle parking is available at this station. Ample bicycle parking is available. Commuters who need to park their vehicle should board at the Dempster-Skokie Station.

Cubs Game-Day Parking at the Skokie Swift

The CTA Skokie Swift Yellow Line provides a convenient and inexpensive alternative to travel to Chicago Cubs baseball games. Two large parking lots at the Dempster Street Station provide easy parking, while the Yellow Line allows for direct access to the stadium.

The Dempster Street Station, located at 5001 Dempster Street, Skokie, Illinois 60077, has two parking lots. Dempster Street has a full interchange with I-94 / Edens Expressway and the CTA Swift Station parking is less than a half mile to the east. The South Lot is adjacent to the Skokie Swift Station, while the North Lot is across Dempster Street, north of the Skokie Swift Station. The fee is $3 per day for the South Lot and $2 per day for the North Lot.

Once parked, take the Skokie Swift Yellow Line to the Howard Street Station where you will transfer to the Red Line. Take the Red Line to the Addison Street stop. This station is a half block from the stadium. Or during rush hour, you may transfer from the Yellow Line to the Purple Line Express headed to the Loop and get off at the Red / Purple Line Sheridan stop.