Energy Efficient Home

Because houses run 24 hours a day they consume a lot of energy and have a big impact on the environment. Here are some easy ways to make your home more energy efficient, which will reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

Make Your Home Airtight & Well Insulated

Air leaks and poor insulation allows heat to escape during the winter and lets it enter during the summer, increasing the energy that is required to heat or cool your home. Check to see if your home's attic and interior walls are well insulated, if they are not it would be cost-effective for you to make this update.


The best way to prevent air leaks is by purchasing energy-efficient windows. The price difference between regular windows and energy-efficient windows is usually very small. If you are not ready to make an investment in new windows, you may reduce air leaks by simply weather-stripping windows and doors.

Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Even though fluorescent bulbs have more of an upfront cost, they will save you money in the long run because they last longer and use less energy than an incandescent bulb. When replacement and energy cost is calculated, buying fluorescent is more than one-thirds cheaper than an incandescent bulb.

Hang-Dry your Laundry

Hang drying laundry reduces the amount of energy used and will extend the life of your clothes.
Use Landscaping to your Advantage - Strategically plant deciduous trees around your home so they can provide shade in the summer, but will allow sun through during the winter.

Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you are thinking of replacing appliances consider buying energy-efficient appliances, including air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters.

Plan an Energy Audit

For expert advice and for recommendation specific to your needs, schedule an energy audit. Expert energy auditors will have special tools to target problems specific to your home. They will be able to create a timetable for improvements that will allow you to best finance and plan your improvements. To get the best energy audit, ensure that your auditor is RESNET Accredited


If you are looking for ways to save money and energy in your home, you'll find them with Smart Ideas for Your Home from ComEd. ComEd offers energy efficient incentives, tools and tips to save you money and protect the environment. Reducing your energy consumption is a smart thing to do. You save money on your energy costs, and you can make a difference as we fight global warming.