Adopt a Fire Hydrant

If there was a fire in the middle of winter could the Skokie Fire Department find the fire hydrant by your house? "Adopting" a hydrant is a great way to be involved in fire safety.

Fire Hydrant Care

When it snows, remember to uncover your fire hydrant. A path of about three feet around the hydrant should be cleared. Thefire hydrant cleared of snow (JPG) firefighters will then have enough room to work if they need to use the hydrant. Some fire hydrants have hydrant markers (little flags on sticks) attached to them so that they can be seen if it snows. Please remember to keep those in place.

Helping Neighbors

You might want to help an elderly neighbor by shoveling out the hydrant in front of their home. It is not necessary to contact the Fire Department if you decide to "adopt" a fire hydrant, but we do like pictures, and maybe we will even put them on our website. The Village of Skokie and all the fire hydrants thank you for helping to keep our community safe.