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Emergency Telephone Notification System

The Village has developed an emergency telephone notification system to contact residents and businesses quickly in the case of an emergency. Through the CodeRED system, the Village can send out automated telephone messages quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. The brief message will provide information on the emergency situation and any important instructions. 

Emergency Situations

CodeRED will be used solely at the Village's direction for emergency and important information. The Village respects residents' privacy and intends only to activate the system in true emergency situations, such as:
  • Evacuations
  • Hazardous Chemical Spill or Release
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Missing Persons
  • Security Alerts
  • Water System Concerns

Call Options

The high-speed telephone calling system is capable of making several thousands calls per hour to traditional landline phones, cell phones and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) phones. CodeRED delivers messages to both answered phone lines and answering devices. The system allows the Village to phone the entire community in two hours and the system also can target smaller geographic areas within the community for alerts that don't apply to everyone, such as a water boil order in a smaller area such as a neighborhood.

Text and Email Messages

The CodeRED system also issues text and email messages in certain situations to individuals who enter mobile telephone numbers and email addresses into the system. For example, the Village issues a text alert around 6 a.m. on the first morning that alternate-side parking in effect after a snowfall of two inches or more. 


To ensure that your phone number is registered or to provide additional numbers, please visit the CodeRED page and submit your contact information. Village staff will update the system database as appropriate. If you have difficulty entering your information through the website, please contact Communications Coordinator John Barkhoo at 847-982-5904 for assistance. There is no fee for the service or for adding additional phone numbers.


For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please refer to our CodeRED FAQs (PDF).

Reliable Service

The CodeRED emergency telephone alert system is an additional measure of safety the Village believes is important to protect the community. If electric power is interrupted, you may not be able to depend upon radio and TV. Even if you have power, CodeRED will probably be able to reach you with important information faster than TV and radio stations. If you receive a CodeRED message, you can tune your radio to 1660 AM Skokie for further information and updates.