Water & Sewer

  1. Water & Sewer Division

    Physical Address
    9050 Gross Point Road
    Skokie, IL 60077


    Fax: 847-673-9389

In order to reduce water and sewer inconveniences to the community, the Water and Sewer Division's daily operations include the maintenance and repair of water mains, household service lines from the water main to the B-Box, fire hydrants, water distribution valves, street drainage structures, and sewer and flood control appurtenances. Division personnel also conduct utility locates for outside contractors and other utilities, and offer technical assistance to homeowners experiencing problems with their household service lines.

Key tasks that confront Water and Sewer personnel are mostly related to infrastructure maintenance and the dissemination of information. The division also continues to replace antiquated, erroneous and malfunctioning water meters. A comprehensive off-hour leak study is conducted annually to provide feedback as to the soundness of the water infrastructure system.
Why does my street flood?
The Village uses the street for storm water storage.  Restrictors are placed in the storm drains to slow the flow of water into the main sewer.  This is done to help prevent the sewers from completely filling, which leads to basement backups.  The street ponding level was designed based on the topography and sewer infrastructure of the area.  The ponded storm water is intended to stay within the Village right of way for up to four hours after the rain subsides.  

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