Snow & Ice Control

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The Snow and Ice Control Division of the Public Works Department oversees plowing operations during snow storms and ensures that winters in Skokie are safe for residents, drivers and pedestrians. It takes approximately one day to clear Skokie's approximately 170 lane miles of roadway and 12 to 16 more hours to clear Skokie's 70 lane miles of alleys. Heavy snowfalls take longer. Your patience is appreciated! Please keep in mind that Cook County and State of Illinois own many of the Village's major roadways and are therefore responsible for plowing and salting them.

Street Plowing

Crews clear arterial roads first, then secondary thoroughfares, and finally residential streets.  It is important to follow the alternate side parking program so that plows can clear snow to the curb for emergency vehicles and to clear storm drains.

The Village's Alternate Side Parking Program is in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week, after two inches or more of snow accumulates on the pavement. The snow removal program is a minimum two day operation. On even-numbered days of the month, all vehicles must be moved to the side of the street with even-numbered addresses. On odd-numbered days of the month all vehicles must be moved to the side of the street with odd numbered addresses.  Please park in your garage or use off street parking when possible during storms.

Do not "call dibs" on parking spaces with chairs, cones, or other items.  Skokie plows parking lanes to the curb whenever possible and placing items in the parking lane delays or stops our plowing operations.

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​Sidewalk Plowing

Sidewalk plowing occurs after a snowfall of 4" or more.  It takes crews about 2-3 days to complete sidewalks.  The Village crews will make one pass for sidewalk plowing .  During large storms street plow trucks may repeatedly plow in sidewalks at corners or sidewalks adjacent to narrow parkways.  Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower open up corner sidewalks or to plow a second time.  Please note that our sidewalk plowing program does not include curb attached sidewalks.

Alley Plowing

Alley plowing occurs after a snowfall of 6" or more.  Alley plowing is done after streets are plowed and typically during evening hours.  Crews need to use heavy equipment and a V-shaped plow to get down the alley.  Alleys are plowed so cars do not get stuck in the heavy snow, but because the alleys are narrow, snow will push up against garage doors and refuse and recycling carts.  Village crews do not clear garage door aprons.  If possible, bring your refuse and recycling carts into your garage during large storms.  During large storms refuse collection may be temporarily suspended.  


If you need assistance shoveling or snow-blowing your walkways, driveways, or garage aprons please contact a private snow removal service or contact Human Services at 847-933-8208 for a list of Skokie teenagers available for hire to assist with snow removal.


In order to protect our environment, the Skokie Public Works snow team works hard to reduce the amount of sodium chloride (rock salt) applied to Skokie streets.  They have researched creative ways to reduce the use of rock salt without sacrificing public safety.
  • Pre-wetting - adding liquid to a salt load prior to application helps granules stick to the road and not bounce to the curb or parkway.  There is less waste and the ice melts faster when the added liquid.
  • Beet Heet - crews pre-treat some streets with this carbohydrate/sugar based product which helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to the street.
  • Public Works has added GPS units with turn-by-turn directions to complete routes efficiently.  Less miles traveled means routes are completed more efficiently with less salt.
  • Communications - alternate side parking compliance helps us efficiently complete our routes and to use less salt.  
Skokie Snow FAQ'S