Vehicle Licensing


All vehicles registered in the State of Illinois to an address within the limits of the Village of Skokie are required to purchase and display a valid Village of Skokie vehicle license. The owner of record appearing on the Secretary of State's records is responsible for the purchase and display of the license. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to ticketing and fines.

2022 Vehicle Stickers

By late May 2022, Skokie residents will receive vehicle sticker renewal notices by mail. The renewal period begins on June 1 and runs through July 31. The cost for passenger vehicles is $40, with additional fees for trucks and trailers. Payment methods include check and most major credit cards. All vehicle license stickers must be displayed on vehicles by August 1. Prices for all stickers increase by 50 percent on August 1, 2022.

Here’s how to purchase a 2022 vehicle sticker beginning on June 1 as well as a few other notes on the process:

  • Online at This is the most convenient way to renew since the Village does not charge credit card processing fees or shipping fees. The portal opens on June 1.
  • By mail. Envelopes are provided with the application forms and are processed beginning on June 1.
  • Residents should renew by mail or online instead of at Village Hall. Vehicle stickers purchased by mail and online are typically received within two weeks. Residents renewing by mail or online also can renew their zone parking stickers at the same time at a cost of $2 each.
  • In-person beginning on Tuesday, June 1 at Skokie Village Hall, 5127 Oakton Street, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Finance Department counter can only serve two customers at a time, and residents should expect significant wait times when purchasing in-person, especially during the last two weeks in July.

Pet licenses, which must be renewed each year, can be purchased at the Finance Department counter. By ordinance, all cats and dogs living  in Skokie are required to have a license. Fees are $25 for animals that are not neutered or spayed, and $10 for animals that are neutered or spayed. When purchasing a pet license, please bring a copy of the animal’s rabies vaccination certificate and veterinary proof of neutering or spaying, if applicable.
all the Finance Department at

For information on purchasing or replacing a 2022 vehicle license or zone parking sticker, please email or call the Finance Department at 847/933-8423.

Vehicle License Sticker Guidelines

  • New residents or businesses must purchase and display vehicle license within sixty days of moving to the Village.
  • Purchasers of a new vehicle must purchase and display a valid Village license within thirty days of purchase.
  • Holders of current Village licenses will be mailed a renewal form to the last address of record in May of each year.
  • Annual renewals may be processed online or through the mail.
  • Vehicle licenses must be applied to the inside lower driver's side of the front windshield.
  • The fee for a motor vehicle shall be reduced by 50 % if the applicant became the owner of the motor vehicle or a resident of the Village after January 1 (semiannual fee), except motor bicycles, motor-scooters, motorcycles, vehicles of auto dealers, and school buses.
  • Late penalties of 50% of the fee required for the applicable license will apply if the license is purchased after December 1 for annual fees or after January 1 for semiannual fees.
  • Transfer of license is allowed when an owner provides evidence of the disposal of a vehicle and transfers the license to the new vehicle for $5.
  • A replacement vehicle license for a lost or stolen license may be purchased for a fee of $5.
  • If an owner having a vehicle registered in another Illinois municipality becomes a resident of the Village, the owner may purchase a current vehicle license for a fee of $5.
Payment of late penalties shall not exempt a person from any other fines imposed for the operation of a motor vehicle without the display of a proper license.

Pet Licensing

Click here for information about purchasing or replacing a pet license.

Additional Questions

Please call the Finance Departments Collections Division at 847/933-8423 for further information.