Tree Pruning

Each parkway tree is pruned on a cycle of five to six years.  This pruning is performed by a qualified contractor. Trees are pruned for the following reasons: to remove hazardous deadwood, to eliminate interference with low limbs, to clear stop signs, street lights and buildings, to reduce the effects of wind and ice on branches, and to repair storm damaged limbs. Young trees are pruned to promote good structure.  This work can look drastic, but it is good to train the trees when their branches are still small in diameter.

When is my parkway tree scheduled for routine pruning?  
The majority of routine pruning is scheduled to occur between Dempster Street and Church Street this season.  Crews will start on the west end of town and move east.  Most of the pruning will occur between November 2020 and March 2021, however, work can occur outside of that time frame.  All parkway trees will be pruned.  There is no need to call to schedule general pruning if you live within this area.  The contractor will sign for no parking a few days prior to the work.  

Click here to find a more detailed map.  Please note the starting location is definite, however the exact ending location can vary based on funding.  The tree inventory is constantly changing as we remove and plant new trees, so the projected end location can change.