Tenant / Landlord

The Neighborhood Services Division will respond to a tenant complaint of a code violation. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the building in compliance with the minimum standards established in the adopted 2009 International Property Maintenance Code.

If a code violation exists in your building or apartment, you should first notify the owner of the problem. If the owner fails to respond in a timely fashion, call the Neighborhood Services Division at 847-933-8224 to schedule an appointment.

Nuisance Intervention & Prevention Committee

In March 2009, the Village Board approved a new ordinance amending Chapter 42-35 pertaining to Nuisance properties and also created a new section, Chapter 42-43, titled: Crime free lease provisions; Obligations of landlords and tenants to commit to crime free tenancies. The ordinance established creation of the Nuisance Intervention and Prevention committee comprised of staff members from several Village Departments to be responsible for oversight and enforcement.

Lease Issues

The Village of Skokie does not have a Tenant-Landlord Ordinance. Security deposit interest and other lease issues may be regulated by the State of Illinois. The Attorney General has published information on Landlord Tenant Rights and Laws.

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