Field Operations

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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest component of the agency and is responsible for responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls for services from the public. In addition, this Division handles traffic enforcement, special assignments, self-initiated activities and addresses community concerns. Patrol Officers are responsible for partnering with the community to protect life and property and to maintain peace, order and safety and perform ancillary functions such as Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Canine Officer, Special Enforcement Team Officer and Bicycle Patrol Officer, to name a few.

The Patrol Division is divided into three shifts in order to provide 24-hour police services. Each shift or "watch" is supervised by a Commander and several Sergeants. The number of Officers assigned to each shift is tailored to historical and anticipated activity levels.

A complement of four Community Service Officers (CSOs) assist the Patrol Division with myriad tasks including parking enforcement, abandoned vehicles, private property crash reporting, traffic control and staffing the front desk.


The Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigation of crimes reported to the Police Department. The Investigations Division supervisors review almost 5,800 reports annually to identify cases designated for further action. Investigative specialties include juvenile crimes, property crimes, crimes against persons, auto theft, crimes against the elderly and financial crimes.

Police Canine Unit

In April 2014, the Skokie Police Department selected and began the training of its third canine and canine handler after the retirement of canine Dino. Officer Nick Larson and canine Jasko graduated training and began active patrol in June, 2014. The primary responsibility of the canine unit is to search for and locate evidence, fleeing criminals and missing persons. Officer Larson and Canine Dino can be contacted through the Canine Coordinator, Commander Jesse Barnes.

Victim / Witness Assistance Program

The Department Social Worker is responsible for crisis intervention, assessment, short-term counseling, court advocacy and referral of victims and witnesses to appropriate services. The Social Worker assists other Department members in handling particular cases, provide critical incident stress debriefings and performs recruit and in-service training to employees as necessary. The Police Social Worker may be contacted at 847-982-5943.

Evidence Technician Program

Evidence Technicians trained in crime and accident scene processing are assigned to each of the three watches to ensure 24-hour per day coverage. Annually, nearly 800 follow-up investigations are conducted.

Watch an evidence storage informational video.

Tactical Intervention Unit

The Skokie Police Department has both a Hostage Negotiation Team and a special purpose Tactical Intervention Team in order to better serve and protect the citizens of Skokie. The teams are activated only in the event of extraordinary incidents such as a hostage or barricaded subject, terrorist situations, civil unrest, to execute high-risk warrants or when VIP protection is deemed necessary.

Special Enforcement Team

In direct response to recurring criminal concerns and specific crime patterns, the Skokie Police Department maintains a Special Enforcement Team to more effectively control and suppress criminal activities and trends as they are identified. The team consists of a Sergeant and four Police Officers which operate in uniform or plain clothes as necessary to meet their objectives. The team often coordinates its efforts internally with the Patrol and Investigative Divisions and externally with agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Customs and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Photo-Enforcement Program

The Village of Skokie in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is committed to increasing vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle safety, especially at intersections. Red light enforcement systems are installed at the intersections of Dempster Street and McCormick Boulevard monitoring southbound, and at Oakton Street and McCormick Boulevard monitoring northbound, southbound and westbound and at Howard Street and McCormick Boulevard monitoring southbound and westbound.

View a list of Photo-Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).


The Skokie Police Department encourages citizen comments. Please include your name, telephone number, and address so that concerns, compliments, or information can be followed up. Anonymous concerns, compliments, or information will also be investigated. Citizens are encouraged to contact the following personnel either by letter, telephone 847-982-5900 or by email:

To learn more about traffic safety, please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.