Community Initiatives & Programs

Quarterly Beat Meetings

The Skokie Police Department holds a quarterly Beat meeting in each of the Village’s nine geographic beats. Both permanent beat officers for each area, as well as Crime Prevention officers, attend the meetings to provide a regular opportunity for residents and stakeholders of the Beats to interact with members of the Skokie Police Department who patrol their neighborhoods, exchange information, identify recurring problems and jointly develop solutions to those problems. See an interactive Beat map.

The meetings last about one hour and include introductions, discussion of current crime conditions and any new or trending issues and updates on issues discussed at prior meetings. The Skokie Police Department invites residents as well as business owners and representatives of schools, houses of worship and neighborhood organizations to attend their beat meetings. See the quarterly Beat meeting schedule.

Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy offers citizens a unique opportunity by gaining insight into their Police Department. The 12-week course is usually held once per year.

Classes include topics such as investigations, canine unit and drugs and gangs. The program is a mix of instructional and role-playing activities which provide the citizen with a realistic understanding of police work in the community. There is no cost to citizens. For more information on the next Citizen's Police Academy please click here or call 847/982-5920 to contact Officer Joe Marzigliano in Skokie Police Department's Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit.

Presentations & Special Events

Group meetings within the Village of Skokie, including business associations, youth groups and senior organizations, are provided the opportunity to have an Officer speak about crime prevention topics of interest. Some subjects covered include personal safety and general crime prevention, identity theft, bank robbery and gang awareness.

Smart911 Emergency Notification System

Smart911 Emergency Notification System

Alerts powered by Smart911 is the official emergency notification system used by the Village of Skokie to communicate by phone with Skokie residents and businesses during emergencies. Residents also can opt-in to register their mobile device through Smart911 to receive emergency alerts through email and text. 

Register for Skokie Smart911 Emergency Notification System.

School Safety & "Officer Friendly"

The Skokie Police Department School Safety Programs are presented to children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. The main goal of the program is to build and develop a trusting relationship between police officers and children. Further, "Officer Friendly" educates young people on the following law enforcement related topics:

  • Stranger Danger
  • Home Alone
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Learning address/telephone#, calling 9-1-1
  • Self-Esteem Building

School Safety programs are administered by the "Officer Friendly," beginning with kindergarten. Sessions last up to 30 minutes and are age-appropriate. For example, kindergartners learn about calling 9-1-1 and what to do in case they are lost. In first grade, stranger danger is emphasized.

On some occasions, sessions designed for high school level students are offered to deal with relevant information for students who are in drivers' education programs. State of Illinois laws are reviewed and students are taught to understand that having a driver's license is a privilege.