Youth Outreach Program

Types of Violations

This program provides a constructive alternative for youthful offenders who receive tickets for Village ordinance violations. These violations may be for truancy, curfew, drinking, smoking, fighting or other non-criminal offenses. At the discretion of the police officer, juveniles may be given a Police Station Adjustment, referred to the Peer Jury, Juvenile Court, or the Skokie Youthful Offender Court Call.


Skokie's Youthful Offender Court Call is a special separate court call just for young people under 21 years of age. After appearing in court, youthful offenders may be assigned community service, anger management classes, education programs, or, when indicated, family counseling. The objective of the program is to provide guidance and direction to young people. This highly successful program helps many young people each year.


Read a helpful brochure to learn more about the Parents, Teens and the Law (PDF).