STAR and Other Transportation Services

Skokie Senior Transit for Area Residents (STAR)

The Village of Skokie has made the difficult decision to permanently end the Skokie Senior Transit for Area Residents (STAR) transportation program effective April 30, 2022.

Effective April 1, 2022 we are no longer accepting applications for this program.  This decision was made due to increased program costs and a sustained reduction in participants over the last 10+ years.  You are important to the Village and Health and Human Services. We can help assist Skokie seniors and persons with disabilities find alternative transportation that would be best for the individual’s transportation needs. 

More Information

Residents can start by reviewing the Skokie Transportation Options for Seniors and Persons with Different Abilities. Residents with questions and/or need help, can reach out to our Human Services Division 847-933-8208.

Skokie Transportation Options
View the Skokie transportations options by clicking HERE.