Rat Control Program

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The Village of Skokie Health and Human Services Department provides residents with a rat control program which includes Village staff surveying properties for rat activity, treatment of rat burrows and informing property owners of preventive measures. To rid our community of rats, the Village of Skokie requests the cooperation of every resident. For more information please review our guide Preventing Rats in Skokie (PDF).


What does a rat look like?
Rats are husky, brownish rodents that weigh 11 ounces and are 13 to 18 inches long with a 6 to 8 ½ -inch tail. Their fur is coarse and mostly brown with scattered black on the upper surfaces. The underside is typically grey to yellowish white.

What does rat activity look like?
Rats live in areas where there is food, water and shelter. Rat activity can be controlled and prevented by bagging garbage securely in containers, picking up birdseed, removing dog waste and maintaining property.

Evidence of Rat Activity:
• Rat droppings or tracks
• Burrows (holes in ground)
• Gnaw or rub marks


Reporting Rat Activity
If you see rats, or evidence of rats, on your property please notify the Skokie Health and Human Services Department immediately by completing the Rat Control Release of Liability Form. Provide the location of the rat activity in the description section of the form.  


What to Expect
Completing the Release of Liability form gives Skokie Environmental Health staff permission to survey your property and begin rat baiting activities if rat activity is observed (Property owner does not need to be home during survey).

 Environmental Health staff will then refer your property to the Village’s Pest Control Contractor for weekly service which typically occurs on Thursday or Friday.

 After two weeks with no rodent activity at burrows or bait stations, the case will be closed. Village door hangers will be left on the property to provide status updates. 

To report an issue not on your property,
click here.

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View a Listing of Pest Control Companies (PDF)