Think Skokie

The combination of industrial activity, retail sales, and business service sector in Skokie is unique in the suburban Chicago area. Skokie's location is ideal for accessing raw materials and supplies and servicing local, regional and national markets. A large, experienced labor pool is readily available along with abundant and reliable utilities.

Distinct Combinations

Very few communities of Skokie's size have such a distinctive combination of major corporations, a regional shopping center and a solid manufacturing base. The Village is home to over 250 industrial firms including many industry leaders. 

Skokie's Largest Employers 2023 

Firm Business Type Employees (2023)
NorthShore University Health System Skokie Hospital and Administrative Support 2,831
Niles Township  High School District #219 High School District 1,172
Tenneco / Driv  Advanced Manufacturing 1,049
Amazon Logistics 625
Georgia Nut Co. Food Production 579
Macy's Retailer 578
Village of Skokie Municipal Government 438
Skokie Park District Park District 386
Cook County Circuit Court Courthouse 362
Lanzatech Research & Development / Advanced Manufacturing 325