Health Department

Welcome from the Skokie Health Department

Public health touches the lives of everyone, and Skokie is fortunate to have one of the few state-certified municipal health departments in Illinois.  Skokie Health Department employees work every day to improve the quality of life in Skokie by ensuring safe food and water, maintaining vital birth and death records, controlling outbreaks of infectious diseases and much more. 

Please call the Health Department at 847-933-8252 if you have additional questions. 

National COVID-19 Emergency Ends in May 2023

On February 10, 2023, The White House made a statement anticipating the end of the national emergency concerning COVID-19 on May 11, 2023. While COVID-19 is still present, our nation has worked to respond in such a manner that allows us to function without a national emergency declaration.

While the national emergency was in effect, the federal government provided COVID-19 vaccines without a cost. Once the national emergency declaration ends on May 11, the federal government will no longer cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccines. While the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine is not yet confirmed, it could be as much as $130 per dose. Please schedule your COVID-19 vaccination now on the Village of Skokie website while it is still available for no cost.

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We are recruiting mental and behavioral health professionals to join our Skokie Medical Reserves Volunteer Unit.  Please contact Skokie Health Department for more information: 847-933-8252

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Are you South Asian?  Do you have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Diabetic and are between the ages of 18-65?  You could qualify for a health screening at NO COST and compensated for your participation.  Click here for more details.


The Animal Control Department has now relocated to the Skokie Police Department on Niles Center Road.  For Animal Control inquiries click here or call them directly at (847) 982-5970

Health Clinics

To schedule an appointment for one of the Health Department's clinics or services, please call 847-933-8252.   

Human Services

Human Services offers a number of youth, family and senior programs and services. They are responsible for attending to the human service needs of the community. The Fair Housing Act Compliance and Neighborhood Mediation Program are also the responsibility of this Division. Please browse the Human Services section of this Home Page for more information on this Division. The Division acts as staff liaison to the Human Relations Commission.