Garage Sales

A Garage Sale permit is required to conduct a garage sale in Skokie. Garage Sale permits cost $5 each and no more than three (3) garage sale permits will be issued to a dwelling unit in any one calendar year. Residents that participate in the Community-Wide Garage Sale will still be able to hold three (3) garage sales. See more information on garage sales and Village regulations on signs advertising the sale.

To apply for a Garage Sale Permit, click here.

Community-Wide Garage Sale

Thank you to the over 230 properties and countless more shoppers that participated in Skokie's first ever Community-Wide Garage sale! We look forward to continuing the event in 2024. Be sure to check back here in early 2024 for more information on event dates and registration. 

Participation is free and does not count towards a dwellings three (3) allotted garage sales per calendar year. The locations, dates, times and types of items for sale will viewable on the Village's Community-Wide Garage Sale map.