Waste Management

Waste management refers to both waste that is sent to a landfill and waste that is recycled or re-used.  Habitat destruction, global warming, and resource depletion are some of the effects of our materials consumption.   

Organic waste and food discards and residuals that decompose in landfills release methane, a GHG that is at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This fact makes food wasting a significant contributor to solid waste GHG emissions.  

Recycling - converting discarded materials into new materials or putting them to beneficial use (which can include organic waste) - is an important approach in mitigating these impacts and reducing the pollution caused by wasting.   

  1. Help Decorate Skokie’s New Refuse Truck

    Ahead of Earth Month, the Village is calling on local students to use their creativity and artistic ability to call attention to Skokie’s Environmental Sustainability Plan goal of reducing landfill waste. Read on...
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Implementation is for Everyone!

Some actions in this plan will need to be led by the 
Village Board, Village departments, and/or the business community. In addition, there are steps that households and individuals can take to make an impact.   Click below to find out out the what you as a resident can do to help the Village achieve these visionary goals.

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Waste Management Strategies

Below are the specific Waste Management goals outlined in the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Plan. Clicking on one of them will display the list of actions to be incorporated into the Village's workplans. They are broken down into completed, in-progress, ongoing and future. Progress is updated quarterly.

Completed Actions

  • Reduce solid waste collection frequency to once weekly for single-family households.

Ongoing Actions

  • Educate residents, businesses, and institutions on waste reduction, proper recycling, and organics options in support of the Waste Management goals of this plan.

In-Progress Actions

  • Coordinate with public partners to establish paths towards Zero Waste program ("Zero Waste" as defined by the US Conference of Mayors). Program to provide outreach to support recycling provided and promoted in all schools, public housing, park district facilities, public space, and Village buildings. Program to also include zero waste curricula and communications content as well as zero waste strategies for school facilities.
  • Future Actions

    • Establish a Zero Single Use Plastic, Zero Waste policy for Village operations that outlines increasing incremental annual waste reduction goals charting a path to Zero Waste appropriate to the findings of the Municipal Operations Waste Audit.
    • Conduct a Municipal Operations Waste Audit to understand waste characterizations and volumes and to identify potentials and strategies for municipal operations waste reduction and diversion.
    • Collaborate with county, state, and other regional waste audit and diversion service providers to develop and fund a waste audit and diversion assistance program for businesses. Program to support businesses in establishing, tracking, and reporting waste streams, identifying reduction, diversion, beneficial use opportunities, identification of potential financing sources, and connect businesses with energy audit and other resources in support of full Sustainability Plan goals. Goal: 30 business waste audits completed annually with businesses engaged in measuring and diverting waste.
    • Incentivize businesses to phase out single-use products or implement an opt-in fee for such products. Encourage restaurants to allow customers to bring their own take-out containers. Recognize businesses implementing these practices on Village of Skokie website.
    • Explore options to decrease plastic bag/film use and to increase plastic bag/film recycling.

Questions about the Waste Management sector? Please send an email to Sustainability@skokie.org.