Crawford Avenue Redesign and Construction Project

See the Crawford Avenue project website for a project overview and additional information.

In November 2020, the Village and Cook County initiated the process to redesign Crawford Avenue between Oakton Street and Golf Road. A live Public Information Meeting took place online over the whole month of November via There was also a live, interactive online meeting on November 19, 2020 where the information on the project website was reviewed and attendees were able to speak directly with staff working on the project.

Just over 400 questionnaires were received from the Public Information Meeting efforts, and they were instrumental in fine-tuning the initial alternatives for Village and County consideration. Ultimately, with various factors involved in the project and acknowledgement of the variety of users along the project, the considered alternatives were identified as either a single travel lane with an on-street bike lane and on-street parking or two travel lanes with an off street multi-use path and no on-street parking.

We are pleased to announce that the Village and County concur on the alternative containing a single travel lane, an on-street bike lane and on-street parking. This alternative was selected based on the public input received as well as consistency with the Village’s Complete Streets Policy and Environmental Sustainability Plan as this alternative is more bicycle and pedestrian friendly and minimizes disruption to existing trees within the corridor. Finally, even though the selected alternative only contains a single travel lane, improvements at the intersections and better delineation of on-street parking will allow for lower overall travel times between Oakton Street and Golf Road.

Crawford No Dimensions with Background Image November 2021 (JPG)