Police Officer Robert (Rob) Ochoa

Length of time working for the Village of Skokie?
I began working for the Skokie Police Department in 2015. I was assigned as a School Resource Officer for several years, but am now back on Patrol beginningPolice Officer Robert Ochoa (JPG) this summer. (Click here for an update about Officer Ochoa's assignment as the Village's K9 Officer with Jinn, the Department's new K9!)

What do you like most about your job?
I have the opportunity to help people and be a positive role model to youth.

Why did you choose a career in the public safety?
When deciding what I wanted to do for a realistic career I remembered my junior high D.A.R.E Officer Bill. He was my first interaction with a police officer and was a positive role model, and we are still in contact today. I genuinely enjoy helping people and have been told I am a good communicator. I believe I also have a good moral compass that helps me distinguish between right and wrong. After deliberating all these and many more factors, I came to the conclusion that my strengths would be best suited in a public service career.

How does your background help you carry out your job duties and serve the community?
I come from a diverse blue collar family. We were never rich, but my grandparents/parents worked hard to give me a better life than they had. I was never handed anything, was never the smartest student, but it was instilled from a young age that hard work pays off. I believe this keeps me grounded in reality and allows me to sympathize with people who are struggling. With my strong work ethic I believe I go above and beyond what my job “description” entails.

What do you like most about Skokie?
Working for the Skokie Police Department has allowed me to meet people I otherwise would not have come in contact with and be exposed to many different people/cultures I would have not previously seen. Several of these people have turned into my close friends.

What was your most interesting experience while on the job in Skokie?
I came in contact with some current/former NFL players while on duty which was cool.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your work for the Village of Skokie?
I was happy that the “Lip Sync” video was so well received, and I was very grateful to sing the “National Anthem” during the Skokie Fourth of July Parade a few years ago. Some of my proudest moments include administering first aid and/or CPR to potentially save someone’s life, and youth that I had previously interacted with keeping in contact or coming back years later to say hi!

What are your favorite Skokie restaurants?
Hubs and Grecian Kitchen. I never had a Gyro until I started working here!

Published summer 2021