CDBG PY23 Application

CDBG Application for Program Year 2023 (PY23)

The Village of Skokie will be accepting funding proposals for the 2023-24 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program in December 2022.

Each year, under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act, HUD provides funds for local communities.  The Village of Skokie is an "entitlement community," and thus is eligible to apply directly to HUD for annual CDBG funding.  The Village expects to receive approximately $600,000 in new entitlement funds for the program year beginning May 1, 2023, or soon after.  CDBG funds can be used for property acquisition, rehabilitation, infrastructure improvement projects, housing programs, limited social services, and other activities consistent with local planning goals.  HUD requires that all projects benefit low-income people of the community or address blighted conditions.  Building rehabilitation and capital improvements proposals must be located within the Village of Skokie.  Social services operating funds are extremely limited.  HUD representatives will determine any questions of eligibility.

Anyone submitting a funding proposal is required to make a brief oral presentation at a Village Board meeting in January 2023 to be considered for possible funding.  Exceptions are not granted for inclement weather.

Please contact the Community Development Department at 847-933-8224 or with any questions regarding the CDBG program.