Community Messages of Hope, Encouragement and Support

May 16, 2020 - Keeping Spirits High at Niles Township During Tough Times

If you’ve happened to drive by the Niles Township Food Pantry of late, you may have noticed a new spirit-raising look to our “home” in the form of community-made art.Skokie Spirit Food Pantry 2
Thank you to community members who have left their mark of cheer and encouragement outside the Pantry where we continue to provide food and household items to those in need.

The lovingly-made signs are inspiring to all who work at the Township and to the clients who come regularly despite the challenges.

“During this difficult time, we are looking for ways that we can be helpful to our community whether it be through volunteerism or offering donations,” said Skokie resident Lillian Johnston, a Winnetka art teacher who painted a wooden sign for the Food Pantry grounds.

“Children also want to contribute to feel a sense of purpose,” she said. “We felt that the safest way for them to contribute to the cause would be through making art for the community.”

We thank Laura Frisch Jennifer Clippert, Lillian Johnston and all community members who contributed to this effort to cheer up the pantry.

April 28, 2020 - from Doug and Rena Thompson and family

My parents (Rena’s) moved to Skokie 31 years ago and still live in Skokie. 14 years ago when we decided to leave East Lakeview we looked around at houses in several of the northern suburbs.  Ultimately, we were so impressed with how responsibly Skokie was run, that we began looking for a house exclusively in Skokie.

13 years later, in the midst of a global pandemic, I cannot tell you how glad we are to live in Skokie.  We are so impressed with the fact that we have access to a Covid-19 testing facility, a fantastic hospital system, accurate local data being tracked by a world-class health department, amazing first responders, and a pro-active village government.

The regular communication from the Village and posting of information online has been so informative and helpful. We applaud the proactive implementation of the face mask requirement.  I cannot express how much gratitude we have toward everyone in our village who has made this pandemic a little easier to understand and manage.  We simply want to say a big thank you to everyone who serves our community.

April 12, 2020 - from Dalya Horowitz

In order to keep some contact with our wonderful neighbors, we had a little singing session after our Passover Seder on Wednesday night.  My husband, Mike, brought out his guitar and we sang some Passover songs - over the fence at about 12 feet away.  It was fun and uplifting.

Also, when we are out walking our dog, we try very hard to stay far from others and have noticed that everyone is so polite - making sure there is distance between them and us.  Skokie is really a special place to live.

April 6, 2020 - From Retired Skokie Public Library Executive Director and Skokie resident Carolyn Anthony

Be strong! Skokie cares and we are all in this together.

April 6, 2020 - Shout-out to Westfield Old Orchard (from the Shop Local Skokie Facebook page)

A group of Skokie firefighters enjoy a delicious lunch from Shake Shack that was provided by Westfield Old Orchard, one of Skokie’s generous corporate citizens.


March 31, 2020 - Shout Out to Culver’s in Skokie

Beginning on Friday, March 27 and continuing this week, Skokie Culver’s has been delivering meals consisting of Butterburgers, Cheese Curds and milkshakes to frontline healthcare workers at both Skokie and Evanston NorthShore Health Systems locations. Way to go, Culver’s!

March 28, 2020 - From Village of Skokie Trustee Edie Sue Sutker:

Coping with the Virus by Edie Sue Sutker, LCSW
As my niece said this is a “hard and scary” time.  She also added that she was managing.  I am keeping this simple because I know we all have lots of information coming our way.  Here are 10 tips.

  •  We all have scary thoughts at times.  Allow for these thoughts, while also letting them come, stay and go like passing clouds in the sky.
  • Remember to be present with whatever you are doing.   If you are engaged in a conversation either in person or via videoconferencing, look the person in the eye and actively listen to what is being said.
  • While the world feels out of control, keep in mind that you have control of your thoughts and your body.  While the storm is passing through, you can be the sky, which is permanent.
  • Please be kind to yourself.  If you are more irritable with yourself or others, take a moment to compassionately say to yourself with your hand on your heart, that you are human.
  • Be true to your values.  If connection and being with your family is what matters to you, then make that happen via phone calls or videoconferencing.
  • Take action:  Follow the guidelines of the CDC.
  • Go for walks if you are able. As you keep your distance, wave to others or say hello.
  • Read a good book or watch TV shows or movies.
  • Use prayer, meditation or nature to help you feel grounded.
  • Reach out to others, especially the more vulnerable. While helping others, you will be helping yourself. 

Yes, we are all in this together. 

March 27, 2020 - From a longtime Skokie resident:

To the Village of Skokie team:
I have been a Skokie resident for over 30 years and I really want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the Village of Skokie employees who have been working hard every day to keep our village services humming along like clockwork. I saw the sanitation workers today collecting our trash and recycling. I have seen streets and sanitation workers out there daily doing what needs to be done. I know the administrators and village government are working double time to provide information and work with the schools, hospitals, businesses and community at large to keep this ship sailing through uncharted waters. I also know that there are so many folks behind the scenes working to support our community, keep our Village Website current and support the needs of a diverse community. The police and fire departments are working tirelessly to maintain safety and security and provide essential services as first responders in emergency situations.

I just would like to say, on behalf of myself, my family and my community, that you all are the real heroes supporting us as we hunker in the bunker and cheer you on from the sidelines! I wish you had a virtual bulletin board on the village website so I could publicly post my thanks and encouragement as we navigate these unsettling times together. Please know we are so grateful and wish you all stay safe as you continue to serve our community. Thank you all, again, from the bottom of my heart!

March 27, 2020 - Shout-out to Westfield Old Orchard (from the Shop Local Skokie Facebook page)

Special shout-out to Westfield Old Orchard for providing a delicious lunch to Skokie firefighters today! They also sent lunch to those on the front line at NorthShore Skokie Hospital. The food was from California Pizza Kitchen that is offering easy pickup and delivery options.

See a list of other Westfield Old Orchard restaurants that remain open to serve the community with carryout and, in come cases, delivery service.…/…/all-stores/fd-resturants


March 20, 2020 ABC7 Chicago story:

"A Skokie Neighborhood is Staying Connected with Window Art Activity"