Hydrant Flushing Program

Starting on 5/23/22 the following area will have their hydrants flushed:

In the area located South of Touhy, East of Lamon, North of Pratt and West of Carpenter.

What the program entails:

o    Flushing of all Village of Skokie fire hydrants between May and August each year

o    Fire hydrants are flushed Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 3 pm, and on Friday from 8 am until noon

o    Fire hydrant flushing generally does not occur on weekends, however, water distribution can sometimes be affected by unexpected events, such as a water main break or fire suppression activities

o    Fire hydrants are flushed when trained personnel open the fire hydrant for a couple of minutes and then close the hydrant once it is determined that the water is flowing without obstruction and is clear in color

Benefits of the program:

o    Helps ensure that optimal water flow is available to firefighters, residents, and businesses

o    Helps maintain water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains and other distribution pipes

What a resident may encounter when a fire hydrant is flushed in their neighborhood:

o    Residents may notice a brief discoloration of their residential tap water.

o    Skokie’s system of fire hydrants provide the same quality of water as that found in the Village’s domestic drinking water system. In other words, water from our fire hydrants is deemed potable, or safe to drink.

How to address any discoloration of tap water:

o    Running the cold-water faucets open for a few minutes will alleviate the discoloration concern

o    To avoid staining clothing, residents should avoid washing clothes until the water runs clear once again

*Though Skokie Fire Department personnel make every attempt to flush hydrants in a planned geographic area on set dates, issues such as inclement weather, road construction, and traffic conditions may alter set schedules. Therefore, it is very difficult to advise residents exactly when fire hydrants within their neighborhood will be flushed.