Downtown Redevelopment Strategy

Study Report: Market Assessment and Retail Strategy for Downtown Skokie
In January 2009 the Village of Skokie retained the consulting services of 4Insights to undertake a Market Assessment and Retail Strategy Study for Downtown. One of the goals of the study was to obtain detailed market data and technical information that would be important to developers, retailers and restaurants as the Village expands business recruitment efforts. The study contains pertinent information regarding customer bases, consumers' shopping preferences, competitive facilities and areas, and impediments to redevelopment and retail growth in Downtown. The study was presented to the Village Board in July 2009 and a Downtown Action Plan was adopted by the Village Board in November 2009. A copy of the complete study and subsequent Village Action Plan is available by clicking here.

Village of Skokie 2020 Plan for Sector A: Downtown
Completed in 2005 and combining over four years of planning and public participation that involved staff and stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, a community workshop, the Committee on Downtown Development, the Independent Merchants of Downtown Skokie, the Downtown Task Force and outside consultants, the Villages 2020 Plan provides development direction by determining appropriate and compatible land uses based on a combined vision, market opportunity and development potential. The Plan also provides realistic development strategies and future actions needed for implementation. Click here for more information on the Village's 2020 Plan for Sector A: Downtown.