Public Art in Downtown Skokie


The Village of Skokie is working hard to develop a public collection of artwork to disperse throughout the community, with an initial focus in Downtown Skokie. The Village of Skokie Public Arts Advisory Committee was established to assist with this task. Below is a listing of public sculptures currently located in Downtown Skokie. For more information on public art in Skokie, please contact the Village Manager's Office at 847/933-8257. If you are professional artist interested in submitting your information for review for future art commissions and installations, please complete the Artist Application Form.

Stele LXVIII, Dogon
by Clyde Lynds
Lincoln Avenue and Warren Street (municipal parking lot)

Stele LXVII, Dogon was created by New York based sculptor Clyde Lynds and installed on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at the municipal parking lot at Lincoln Avenue and Warren Street in Downtown Skokie.  Stele LXVII, Dogon is approximately 95" tall and is made of carved concrete and fiber optics on an aluminum base.  The fiber optics are constantly changing colors and color patterns.

Throughout Clyde Lynds' career he has created a number of public art pieces throughout the state of New Jersey, New York and all over the northeast.

Click here to read a statement by sculptor Clyde Lynds.

by Evan Lewis

EVERREEL was installed at the new Oakton-Skokie CTA station (northwest corner of Skokie Boulevard and Searle Parkway) on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.  The sculpture was formally dedicated at the Community Celebration on Sunday, June 24.

The Village of Skokie's Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) commissioned Chicago based sculptor Evan Lewis to create the stainless steel piece.  The name EVERREEL is a play on words that references the sculpture being almost constantly in motion. 

Lewis has been producing and exhibiting outdoor kinetic wind sculptures since 1984.  Lewis's work to create kinetic wind sculptures have been commissioned in locations such as Chicago, Illinois, Toledo, Ohio, Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado and Chattanooga, Tennessee to name a few.

French Kiss
by Ron Gard

Northeast corner of Lamon Avenue and Louise Avenue

French Kiss by Ron Gard was installed on Friday, September 23, 2011 at the northeast corner of Lamon and Louise Avenue.  Before being purchased for the Skokie Public Arts Collection, French Kiss was exhibited at the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park from 2009 to 2011 and was awarded the Lewis C. Weinberg Memorial Biennial Competition.

The Glowing of Such Fire
by Richard Taylor

Made of Iron and aluminum and painted vibrant red
Approximately 11 feet tall
Installed October, 2008

Taylor's sculpture was the first sculpture chosen and purchased by the Village of Skokie Public Arts Advisory Committee. The Glowing of Such Fire was installed in October 2008 in the Village Green, located between Skokie Village Hall (5127 Oakton Street) and the Skokie Public Library (5215 Oakton Street). Richard Taylor has artwork commissioned and exhibited throughout the midwest, including the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park and the City of Chicago. To view photos from the installation, please click here


Holocaust Monument

Made of bronze and marble
Approximately 13 feet tall 
Installed May, 1987

The Holocaust Monument was a gift to the Village of Skokie by the Sheerit Hapleitah of Metropolitan Chicago on behalf of the survivor community.  The Monument was designed by Bert J. Gast; sculpted by Edward Chesney, a Detroit-based artist and the contractor was Fred Kornick of Kornick Monuments of Chicago.  The Monument depicts a Jewish family during the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  Skokie was selected as the site for the Monument because of its affiliation with Jewish causes throughout the years and because Skokie has been home to more than 7,000 Holocaust survivors.  The Monument is located in the Village Green, located between Skokie Village Hall (5127 Oakton Street) and the Skokie Public Library (5215 Oakton Street). 

Skokie Light by John David Mooney

The Village of Skokie Fine Arts Commission commissioned the Skokie Light Sculpture from artist John David Mooney in 1976. The sculpture was dedicated on September 24, 1978. Skokie Light was the Village's first piece of commissioned public art. 

The sculpture is approximately 20 feet tall, made of steel and glows red and blue. The internal lighting of the sculpture was first accomplished with neon lights and in 2000 was replaced with fiber optics. As lighting technology advanced the lighting components were upgraded to LED in July 2012.

Mooney is an internationally recognized artist for his large-scale, public sculptures that have been showcased from Chicago to Australia to the Vatican Observatory at Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

Journeys of the Imagination

Made of bronze
4 feet tall 
Installed in 2005

The Skokie Park District installed Journeys of the Imagination in 2005.  The artist is Gary Lee Price.  The artist's vision behind the sculpture is freedom and joy for life.



Gourd Man
by Shen Cheng Xu

The second sculpture chosen and purchased by the Village of Skokie PAAC is Gourd Man by Shencheng Xu.

The sculpture was installed in late-April 2009 in the Village Green, located between Skokie Village Hall (5127 Oakton Street) and the Skokie Public Library (5215 Oakton Street).