Public Works - Streets and Alleys Division

Click here to watch a video on street resurfacing in Skokie.

The Streets and Alleys Division has five main responsibilities: alley grading, roadway maintenance, street sweeping, leaf collection and landscape maintenance.

Many of the more heavily used roads in Skokie such as Crawford Avenue, McCormick Boulevard, Old Orchard Road and Skokie Boulevard, are not under Skokie's jurisdiction.  Click here to view a chart showing the jurisdictions of various Skokie roadways.

Alley Grading Program
The Streets and Alleys Division maintains approximately 70 miles of alleys each year. Alley maintenance work typically occurs between April and mid-October, weather permitting. Crushed stoned alleys are graded approximately every two years. Alleys are prioritized according to their condition. The alley grading process includes cleaning the entire 16 foot right-of-way of grass and weeds, leveling any existing depressions throughout the alley and evaluating the alley's need for new stone.

For questions regarding alley grading, contact the Public Works Department at (847) 933-8427. 

Roadway Maintenance
The Streets and Alleys Division maintains approximately 170 miles of streets within the Village.  There are two types of materials used for roadway repairs.  The first is a cold mix product which is used for temporary and winter repairs. The second is hot mix asphalt, which is used for a more permanent type of repair. The hot mix asphalt repairs are only performed during the summer months when the material is available for street resurfacing and street paving. Learn more about this by visiting the Engineering Division Web page.

To report potholes in the roadway, please call (847) 933-8427.

Street Sweeping Program
The Village street sweeping program begins in April and continues through mid-October, weather permitting. Street sweeping entails the collection and removal of dirt and debris from Village streets and curbs for aesthetics purposes. In addition, street sweeping helps reduce the amount of debris entering the storm drainage system. The Village also sweeps concrete alleys once per month, time and operational needs permitting.

The Village uses mechanical street sweepers Monday through Friday on staggered schedules, ranging from 3 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Public Works Department makes every effort to sweep single family residential streets every 5 to 7 days. Multi-family residential areas are swept during the first full week of the month (barring any holidays), except in the month of November. Concrete alleys, depending on operational needs, are swept on a monthly basis. Delays sometimes occur due to inclement weather, equipment repairs and holidays.

Residential streets are divided into various sections, with one street sweeper assigned to each section. It takes approximately 5 to 7 days to sweep each section. It is difficult to determine exactly when a particular street or concrete alley will be swept due to external factors or weather uncertainties that influence the schedule.

The streets in multi-family residential areas are swept during the first full week of the month (barring any holidays), except in the month of November. In the month of November, the streets in multi-family residential areas are swept during the week of Thanksgiving. During the first full week of the month, no-parking signs are posted on parkway trees at least 24 hours before the streets are scheduled to be swept. To ensure that street sweeping is effective, multi-family area residents must move parked vehicles from the street during scheduled street-sweeping days. Vehicles not moved from multi-family areas by 9 a.m. will be ticketed.

Leaf Collection
The Village leaf collection program begins in mid-October and continues through early December, weather permitting. The program provides residents with an alternate way to dispose of leaves. Residents who do not mulch may rake leaves into the street, next to the curb in front of their residence. Village crews attempt to collect the leaf piles from the streets every 5 to 7 working days. Caution should be exercised so that leaves are not raked into sewer inlets or in front of fire hydrants. Do not rake twigs, branches, sticks, rocks, bottles, garden debris, etc. with the leaves, as such items may cause the collection equipment to malfunction. Residents are advised to wet down any loose leaf piles to keep them from blowing away. Avoid parking your vehicle on top of or adjacent to leaf piles, as parked vehicles may prevent Village crews from collecting the leaf piles.

The Public Works Department makes every effort to complete one cycle through the Village every 5 to 7 working days. Due to the volume of leaves being encountered and weather uncertainties, it is impossible for the Village to guarantee leaf collection on a specific day. During the yard waste collection season (early April through mid-November), residents can place leaves into biodegradable kraft paper yard waste bags for pick-up. Yard waste bags should not exceed 40 pounds each.

For more information about leaf collection, please call (847) 933-8427.

Village of Skokie Adopt-A-Highway Program 
The Village of Skokie continues to look for community groups and organizations that are willing to “adopt” a stretch of Skokie's main streets.  The Village will erect signs at each end of the adopted section of roadway to acknowledge each participating group's contributions to the community.

Scout groups, churches & synagogues, service organizations, businesses, school clubs and other community groups are encouraged to consider participating in this important litter-abatement program. Groups can apply to clean up preferred sections of roadway.  Each participating group maintains a stretch of parkway from ½ mile up to 2 miles in length and agree to collect litter on that stretch at least twice per year.  The program is for litter abatement only and there are no landscaping responsibilities involved.  The Village typically provides the group with the appropriate safety gear, collection tools and traffic-control signage.

If your group would like to participate or if you would like more information on the program, call the Public Works Department at (847) 933-8427.