SkokieLink WiFi

SkokieLink is the first multi-zone free outdoor wireless network in the suburbs of Chicago. The system is a municipal outdoor wireless Internet access pilot project.  It is a unique partnership between the Village of Skokie, High School District 219, the Skokie Public Library and the Skokie Park District. The project provides convenient access to the Internet from four public areas (see locations below), promotes the Downtown area as a destination and provides a needed service for residents of Skokie. 

What can I use SkokieLink for?
SkokieLink has a multitude of uses!  You can check e-mail, conduct business while eating lunch in the park, browse for answers on the web, research things to do in Skokie, catch up on correspondence, or finish a homework assignment.  It also provides access to information on the Internet for residents and visitors.

SkokieLink is optimized for outdoor use and is not designed to replace commercially available Internet service.  As with most wireless networks, SkokieLink does not encrypt information so it should not be used to transfer sensitive personal or financial information.

How do I connect to SkokieLink?
Any WiFi–enabled device (PDA or laptop) connects to SkokieLink.  These devices are also known as 802.11 devices.  A WiFi-enabled device connects to SkokieLink without the addition of special software.  The recommended computer requirements are Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4 and above with airport drivers. Other computers still work but may need the addition of a WiFi card. Local computer stores can assist you with determining the WiFi capability of your particular device. Wireless cards range from $50 to $100 and are available at local computer stores.  WiFi is a standard component on new laptops and PDAs.

Where are the SkokieLink Hotspots?
The SkokieLink connection points are:

  • The Village Green and Village parking lots (between the Library and Village Hall)
  • Oakton Park (Oakton Street at Skokie Boulevard)

Wireless access is also available indoors at the Skokie Public Library.  There also is public wireless access at other locations around Skokie - click here to download a map of these locations.

  For more information on SkokieLink WiFi, please contact the Village Manager's Office - Public Information Division at 847/933-8257.