Police Department - Administrative Services

The Communications Center has 17 full-time staff assigned to one of three eight-hour shifts to ensure 24 hour a day, seven day per week coverage.  During a calendar year, the Center answers: 170,000 telephone calls.  The calls for emergency service include 40,000 calls for police services, 3,000 calls for fire service and 5,000 calls for emergency medical services.  The remaining 122,000 calls are for requests for information or non-emergency police services.

Identification and Property Custody
The functions of Identification and Property Custody Section include accepting pieces of property into custody, returning items to their rightful owners and coordinating the destruction of items that remain unclaimed or were no longer required as evidence. 

Numerous items are processed through auction services.  Over 6,400 pieces of property are taken into custody by the Identification and Property Custody Section per year.   The section returns items to their rightful owners, and coordinates the destruction of items that remain unclaimed or are no longer required as evidence.  Several hundred items of evidence are submitted to Illinois State Crime Laboratories for analysis and the Department Lab analyzes several seized narcotics items as well. 

Police Records Unit

As the repository for all calls for service requiring documentation, the Records Unit processes and archives all reports of criminal, non-criminal, traffic and parking activity handled by the Department.  During a calendar year, over 100,000 documents ranging from parking citations to arrest reports are handled by the Unit.

In addition to its traditional responsibilities, the Records Unit administers the issuance of keg tags to retail liquor establishments, maintains the Village database regarding solicitors and assists with the Scofflaw Immobilization Program.

Skokie Police Department personnel receive many hours of training per year including recruit training, in-service and roll-call training, career development programs and management-level courses.  Officers are required to train monthly with their firearms.  Management and supervisory training also is provided to the Department by Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, the Northern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy and the Northeast Multi-regional Training Board.

Management Information Services
Information management provides technological resources including implementation, administration and maintenance of all Police Department computer systems such as desktop, laptop and mobile data computer hardware and software applications.

Field Services Unit
This unit is responsible for purchasing supplies and equipment, securing services and ensuring Police facility maintenance.  The Unit also provides liaison to the Village's Purchasing and Finance Departments.