Human Services Division - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there volunteer opportunities available through the Human Services Division? Yes. Volunteer recruitment is ongoing for several Human Services Division programs including Home Delivered Meals, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Senior Health Insurance and Tax Preparation.

Can I receive ongoing therapy from the Human Services Division?  No. Village social workers only provide short-term counseling but also provide referrals to agencies for long-term needs.

Can non-seniors with disabilities receive home-delivered meals?  Yes. If you are homebound and unable to prepare meals you may participate in the program. Click here for more information.

What are the charges for home delivered meals?  The cost of the meal is $4.75 per day. There is a limited subsidy available, on a case-by-case basis. Please call 847/933-8208 and speak to Juanita Davis, Home Delivered Meals Coordinator for further information about the meals program.

What type of specialized transportation does Skokie have for seniors?  The Village operates a Senior Transportation for Area Residents (STAR) program, a curb-to-curb transportation system for seniors and residents with a disability. The buses operate from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 847/676-STAR (7827) for more information.

Is there a membership fee at the Smith Activity Center?  No. Many Smith Center activities are free or have a very nominal cost to participate.

My aging parent lives in Skokie. What services are available to them? Can I make the arrangements for them?  All senior programs are listed in the Community Calendar on the Village’s website. You may also stop by the Human Services Division located at and pick up printed calendars and other information.  Family members are welcome and can make arrangements for their relative.

My next door neighbor and I are fighting about a neighborhood problem and things are very tense between us. Can the Village help?  The Village has a neighbor mediation program through the Northwest Municipal Conference. If you have an issue you can't resolve by discussing it with your neighbor, please contact Human Services Director Maureen Murphy at 847/933-8208.

My teenager is very rebellious and I'm afraid he or she might end up in serious trouble. Can I turn to the Village for help? You may contact either the Human Services Division social workers at 847/933-8208 or the Police Department social worker at 847/982-5943.