Economic Development - Facade Improvement Grants

The Village operates a Facade Assistance Program as part of the Downtown redevelopment effort. Eligible participants are limited to owners and tenants of commercial buildings in the Downtown Core Mixed-Use. The program provides free design services and matching grants to cover 50% of the building's facade renovation costs. The maximum grant is $50,000 for a single facade, or $100,000 for a building with two or more facades facing public property.

The goal of the Facade Assistance Program is to create attractive buildings with a traditional architectural style. The emphasis is on practical design principles that employ masonry materials, an abundance of storefront glass, and simple yet attractive signage. The Village has retained the services of a private architect to assist applicants in designing building improvements. Construction funding is typically deposited into an escrow account along with the property owner's share for payouts to contractors or material suppliers.  An Interior Rehab program also is available to groundfloor retail and restaurant uses.

Due to the success of the Downtown program, a similar facade improvement effort was implemented for the Southeast Industrial Area. Matching funds were available in the Special Service Areas from St. Louis Avenue to Hamlin Avenue Touhy Avenue on the south and Howard Street on the north.  This program included a maximum grant of $20,000 for a single facade, or $40,000 for a corner building.  Approximately 18 facade renovations have been completed in this area.  The program is now concluded, but facade improvement funding is now being implemented in other industrial areas on the east side of the Village.

For a complete application for the Downtown Interior/Exterior Facade Renovation program, please click here.

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