Corporation Counsel - Scofflaw/Prosecution

The only matters prosecuted by the Village of Skokie's Corporation Counsel's Office are citations that have been issued by the Village of Skokie.

The Corporation Counsel's Office is responsible for prosecuting violations of Village of Skokie codes, ordinances and non-serious traffic offenses contained in the Illinois Vehicle Code. These types of violations are legally categorized as quasi-criminal and as such there is no possibility of a judge sentencing an individual to jail for violating the local ordinance or vehicle code. The Cook County State's Attorney Office prosecutes criminal matters.

When there is an alleged violation, either a Skokie police officer or inspector issues the citation. The person receiving the citation becomes the defendant in the matter. The citation will indicate to the defendant if:

  1. A mandatory court appearance is assigned
  2. A prepayment option is available
  3. A court date may be requested

Court appearances are at the Circuit Court of Cook County, 2nd District facility located at 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie. The Circuit Court Clerk's phone number is 847/470-7250.

In some instances, for violation of non-vehicle related matters the defendant may be assigned or request a Village Administrative Hearing date. The citation will indicate whether the Village's Administrative Hearing program will be the venue. Administrative Hearings are conducted at Village Hall, 5127 Oakton Street, Skokie. Questions regarding Administrative Hearing can be directed to the Administrative Hearing Clerk at 847/933-8270.

The Corporation Counsel's Office also administers the Village's Scofflaw Program that involves collecting fines owed to the Village for unpaid parking tickets. The Parking Division of the Finance Department processes initial parking ticket notices. When these notices are disregarded the matter is referred to the Corporation Counsel's Office. Upon receipt of the delinquent parking ticket files, the Corporation Counsel files a civil law suit requesting a $750 fine. If there is no response to this lawsuit, the Village requests a judge to enter a default judgment which is ultimately recorded in the County where the defendant resides. The recording of the judgment can impact the defendant on a credit report or title search.

Youth Outreach Program

The Corporation Counsel's Office is responsible for prosecuting youthful offenders who receive tickets for local ordinance violations such as curfew, smoking or possession of alcohol.  Juveniles may be assigned specific programs to complete which address issues pertaining to their circumstances. The Village of Skokie has implemented a Youth Outreach Program as a way to provide needed services to the youth and, in some cases, to their family.