Community Development - Neighborhood Plans

As part of the Land Use chapter of the Comprehensive Plan, the entire land area of the Village was divided into eight geographically focused sectorsEach sector will be the subject of a more detailed planning effort involving zoning revisions, infrastructure investments, and economic development efforts by the Village.  Sector A, the downtown area, is the first of the sectors to have its planning process completed and moving through the implementation phase.  Sector B, the West Dempster area, has begun its process with a focus on properties directly along Dempster Street. Sectors C, D, E, F, G, and H will adopt plans in their turn.

2020 Plan, Sector A: Downtown
Combining over four years of planning and public participation that involved S. B. Friedman & Company, the Lakota Group, Metro Transportation Group, staff and stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, a community workshop, the Committee on Downtown Development, the Independent Merchants of Downtown Skokie, and the Downtown Task Force, the 2020 Plan provides development direction by determining appropriate and compatible land uses based on a combined vision, market opportunity, and development potential.  The plan also provides realistic development strategies and future actions needed to implement the plan.  Poster size print copies of the plan are available for $9.00 in the Planning Division Office at Village Hall, 5127 Oakton Street. The 2020 Plan for Sector A: Downtown was adopted by the Village Board on October 1, 2007.

West Dempster Street Redevelopment Plan, Sector B, Subarea 1
In the fall of 2001, the Village Board approved the West Dempster Street Redevelopment Plan, focusing on the commercial strip that runs from the Edens Expressway on the west to Kilpatrick Avenue on the east. With the Skokie Transportation Center at the Dempster Skokie Swift Terminal, the relocation and redevelopment of the former Swift station, and a significant shift in suburban residential development patterns toward condominium living, the plan emphasizes increasing the supply of residential units and repositioning the corridor to be an office and employment area within walking distance of the Skokie Swift, providing an environment that supports retail and service commercial sales. The ongoing planning process will develop additional plans for the remaining subareas of Sector B – Dempster West.