Community Development Department -
Contact Information

Community Development Department
5127 Oakton Street
Skokie, Illinois 60077

Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Peter Peyer
Director of Community Development
Phone: 847/933-8447
Fax: 847/568-8895

Building and Zoning Division
Nathan Kriska, Building and Zoning Supervisor,
Bernice Chan, Secretary
Mary Ann Gliffe, Secretary
Paul Hunsicker, Electrical Inspector
Steve Klocko, Building Inspector
Dan Macias, Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Inspector
George Sellas, Building & Property Standards Inspector
Phone: 847/933-8223
Fax: 847/933-8230

Brian Augustine, Zoning Administrator
Phone: 847/933-8408

Economic Development Division
Thomas L. Thompson, Economic Development Coordinator
Phone: 847/933-8446
Fax: 847/568-8871

Leslie G. Murphy, Economic Development Specialist
Phone: 847/933-8472
Fax: 847/568-8893

Planning Division
Steve Marciani, Planning Supervisor,
Marlene Bargamian, Administrative Secretary
Carrie Haberstich, Planner/CDBG Administrator
Mike Voitik, Planning Technician 
Phone: 847/933-8447
Fax: 847/568-8848

Property Standards Division
Terry Oline, Property Standards Supervisor,
Brenda Herman, Intermediate Clerk
Colleen Burke, Property Standards Inspector
Jim Duesenberg, Property Standards Inspector
Steve Klebe, Property Standards Inspector
George Sellas, Building & Property Standards Inspector
Phone: 847/933-8224
Fax: 847/933-8230