Community Development - Long Range Planning

Long-range planning guides and directs development and complex projects that will take over five-years to implement. The initiatives detailed below typically require multi-year investments, involve a variety of community stakeholders, and impact many, if not all, of the Village's residents.

Dempster Station Area Plan

The Village of Skokie has partnered with the Regional Transportation Authority and an OKW Architects-led team to prepare the Dempster-Skokie Station Area Plan to create a circulation, land use, parking, and development vision for the area’s future.  It has been endorsed by the Economic Development Commission and is expected to be presented to the Village Board in February 2014.

The plan will be used to prioritize the issues that are most important for the Village to address in the months and years to come.

For more information about the Dempster-Skokie Station Area Plan, please contact Steve Marciani, Planning Supervisor, at 847/933-8447.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a document designed to guide Village leaders in making decisions about the future development of the community. It deals with things like housing, transportation, public services, and the use of land.

Neighborhood Plans

Because Skokie is a very diverse community, creating smaller plans around neighborhoods makes it easier to focus on the specific needs and interests of local residents and businesses.

Skokie Swift/Yellow Line Expansion Plans

The Village is committed to expansion and improvement of the Yellow Line as a tool to improve the downtown area, reduce traffic congestion, and connect residents to opportunities and businesses throughout Skokie. Find out the latest about these projects here.

Village Bicycle Plan

Making it easier to travel through the Village is the goal of Skokie's bicycle plan. By using the route system in this section, residents and visitors of all ages can reduce traffic, get exercise, and enjoy a relaxing trip through the diverse parts of the Village.

If you have questions regarding any of these projects or general planning in Skokie, contact the Planning Division at 847/933-8447.