Certificate of Occupancy and Business Licenses

The Village of Skokie requires a current Certificate of Occupancy for all non-residential uses operating in the Village.  The Certificate of Occupancy is required to be renewed every year.  All businesses that require additional licenses are contained in Chapter 42 of the Village Code.

The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy is as follows:

  1. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy Application at the Building Division (main floor of Village Hall, 5127 Oakton Street) or click here to download an application.

  2. Submit the completed application to the Building Division.  The application must contain the signatures of both the proposed tenant and the current owner of the property.  A floor plan and/or site plan may be required depending on the proposed use of the property.

  3. Staff will review the application to determine if the proposed use is permitted or not and if the minimum parking requirements will be met.

  4. Staff will approve or deny an application.  If staff denies the application, based on zoning or parking, the requestor will be notified within 10 business days.

  5. Set up an inspection of the site with the Building Division by calling 847/933-8223.  If a building permit has been issued, all inspections must be completed prior to the Occupancy inspection.

  6. The Village of Skokie will perform an inspection of the site.  Both the interior and exterior of the site will be inspected.

    • If all of the Village inspectors approve the inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. 

    • If any of the inspectors deny the inspection, the requestor will be required to correct the violations and schedule a re-inspection.  The requestor must call the Building Division at 847/933-8223 to schedule an inspection.

Home-based Businesses
Home-based businesses (home occupations), with the exception of childcare operations, are not required to obtain a Village license. There are restrictions on home occupation operations that are designed to ensure that the home occupation does not disturb the residential character of the neighborhood.  A few restrictions are highlighted below:  

  • The occupation must conducted solely by resident occupants within the house.

  • A garage cannot be used to conduct a home occupation or to store job related materials.

  • Vehicular traffic and parking cannot be increased by more than one additional vehicle at a time.  

The complete set of regulations for Home Occupations is contained in Article III of Chapter 118-79, Zoning, of the Village Code.  A comprehensive brochure is also available from the Building and Zoning Division.

If you have any questions regarding Certificates of Occupancy, Business Licensing, or Home Occupations, contact Terry Oline of the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8223.