Appearance Commission

The Appearance Commission is responsible for enhancing the quality of the built environment in the Village; it reviews all proposed new buildings, aesthetic changes to existing buildings, and landscaping plans.

The Commission consists of seven appointment commissioners and is staffed by advisors from the Planning and Building Divisions.  Commissioners serve a three-year term and are professionals in the fields of architecture, graphics, landscape design, urban planning, and building materials trades. Public hearings are conducted on the second and, if needed, fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Council Chambers.  Complete applications must be received no later than 12 days prior to the established meeting date. Please see the Appearance Commission Application for filing fees. The Commission is the final hearing body.

For more information regarding Appearance Commission cases, hearing dates, and submittal requirements or deadlines, contact Brenda Herman or Mary Ann Gliffe at 847/933-8223.

Appearance Commission Agendas and Minutes

Click here to view the Appearance Commission upcoming and recent meetings and cases.

Important Appearance Commission Documents

Appearance Commission Members
Term: Three years
Meeting date: Second and fourth (if necessary) Wednesday of the month 

Michael Lynk, Chair
Thomas DaMario
Maryjane Klein
Julie Naumiak
Jay Pathak
Ross Sawyers
Archana Shah
Liaisons:  Brian Augustine, Carrie Haberstich, Steve Klocko, Nathan Kriska, Pete Peyer and Pramod Shah