Administrative Hearing for Code and Health Violations

The Administrative Hearing Program was created in March of 1998 to allow individuals receiving citations for code violations to appear at an Administrative Hearing at the Village Hall.  The primary goal of the Village's program is to improve compliance with Village ordinances. The program addresses  food service, animal licensing, nuisance, property maintenance, building code, special use, sign violations and some Police Department citations.

The key features of the Administrative Hearing Program are increased compliance and manageability. The program strives to resolve ordinance violations in a timely manner. The Administrative Hearing is less formal than a court proceeding. After both sides present their case, the Administrative Hearing Officer makes a ruling and enters the appropriate order. This may include the issuance of fines as well as an order to bring the violation into compliance.

Administrative Hearings are conducted on the second Friday of each month in the Village Hall Council Chambers at 5127 Oakton Street. The hearings are open to the public. 

If you have questions regarding the program contact either the Property Standards Supervisor, Terry Oline, at 847/ 933-8224 or Administrative Hearing Clerk, Phyllis Kaplan, at 847/ 933-8270.