Memorial Day Observance

The Village of Skokie Memorial Day observance will be held on May 25 at 11 a.m. at Veterans Park on the corner of Cleveland and Lincoln Avenues. Local Veterans posts will be present and Taps will be played.

Village Hall will be closed on May 25. Refuse and recycling collection is changed for the week, with Monday collections on Tuesday, Tuesday collections on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday collections unchanged.

Yellow Line Service Remains Suspended

CTA Yellow Line service remains suspended after construction issues on property owned by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) at Howard Street and McCormick Boulevard. The CTA has shuttle bus service in operation for Skokie Swift commuters and provides service updates at

The MWRD issued the following statement on May 22, 2015:

As reported earlier, this week’s goals have been to stabilize the area and build a platform base for Com-Ed to remove the electrical poles that were damaged in the incident and secure the site.  MWRD’s contractor has worked around the clock to exceed in these goals and timelines.  The site is stable; the electrical situation is stable and the track has been removed.  The short term plan goals have been accomplished.

CTA, MWRD and MWRD’s contractor have been working together to assemble the long term plan for restoring service to the Yellow Line.  It is important to all parties to proceed in a safe and determined manner that will produce a reliable, safe service as quickly as possible.  In order to achieve this, many actions are moving forward in a parallel path. 

Borings - soil samples that are taken throughout the site from deep within the ground at various levels - are being taken to provide a profile of the stability of the entire slope.  In other words, borings are the eyes to the engineer to see what is going on underneath the surface.  This profile will be used to understand the size, depth and breadth of the reconstruction work that needs to be performed.  The important piece of this rebuilding is to ensure the slope is restored on a firm foundation.  Securing this solid foundation is the goal of this stage of the project. 

At the same time, preliminary engineering designs are being drafted that can be adjusted based on the profile information.  The materials and equipment needed to perform the ultimate repair is the same regardless of the findings.  Therefore, equipment is being moved now and materials are being delivered to the site from around the country so that when the design is finalized, the construction can proceed immediately. 

This stage of the process – soil boring analysis, design, site prep, equipment and material delivery - will take approximately two weeks.  During this timeframe, above the ground work will slow down as the focus shifts to design and preparation.  The final stage will follow and will take several more weeks.  The exact timeframe will be known after this current stage is complete.  MWRD would again like to apologize for the inconvenience to commuters, thank the CTA for rapid adaptation in providing alternate transportation and assure our constituents that we continue to pursue restoration of the Yellow Line as our top priority.








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